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Welcome to Balderkliniken, the only emergency center in Åmål. You can visit us every day of the year and we will provide you with excellent healthcare. To contact us, call 0532-14 000 or come to our reception for help.


Our opening hours are:

Monday - Friday: 08.00 - 20.00

Saturday - Sunday: Closed


To visit a doctor or any other proffesion at a healthcare center in Sweden, you pay a fee.


If you have a swedish personal identity number (personnummer)

Doctors appointment: 100 kr/300 kr

Other appointment: 50 kr/100 kr


If you are a refugee (asylsökande)

Doctors appointment: 50 kr

Other appointment: 25 kr


If you are a tourist with an EU-card (only applies for people living within the EU)

Doctors appointment: 300 kr

Other appointment: 100 kr


If you are a tourist without an EU-card

Doctors appointment: 1470 kr

Other appointment: 570 kr

Balderklinken AB - Södra Långgatan 3B, 662 30 Åmål - Tfn 0532-14 000 - Fax 0532-663 29 - Orgnr: 556784-3098